Guidelines for presenters

Oral presentationsPoster presentations

Guidelines for oral presenters

Oral presentation selected by the Scientific Committee should be planned for 10 min talk that will be followed by 5 min discussion. Presentation time will be strictly enforced.

Presentation delivery and upload

Note: It is not possible to present from your own laptop. All presentations should be delivered to the Speakers Preview Room much in advance the presentation time.

The upload of the presentation could be made by bringing an USB stick with the final presentation to the Speakers Preview Room (in the conference venue, room 209). The presentations will be distributed to the conference rooms by the organizers.

You could also send your presentation before the conference. Please follow the instructions below:

Please save you presentation with your name and date/time of presentation as follows: 19 September 12:00 Smith, not just the name of the conference. This will prevent any confusion when loading the presentation on the computer.

Power Point / PDF
The projection system supports 4:3 screen format.
Oral Presenters can prepare their presentations in PowerPoint 2013 for PC computer or compatible. Alternatively PDF files will be accepted.

Preparing Your Media for Onsite Presentation

  • Save your files to a CD-ROM, USB Storage Device
  • If you create a CD, make sure that you close or “finalize” your session. If you omit this step, you cannot access the CD from any other computer
  • When building your presentation, make sure that you include any external files utilized in the same folder as your presentation (i.e., movie files)
  • When creating your media for transportation, copy the entire folder to the disk
  • Remember to make a back-up copy of your files and transport it in a separate piece of luggage


  • JPG images are the preferred file format for inserted images
  • Images inserted into PowerPoint are embedded into the presentation
  • Images that are created at a setting higher than 75 dpi are not necessary and will only increase the size of your presentation
  • If necessary you can use music, however please announce it well in advance


  • It is imperative that you check your movies if your presentation contains video files
  • Please be aware of the size of your video files. In most cases, lower resolution video files are very effective.
  • While we try to support as many PC video formats as possible, we can only accept movies under the following conditions:
    a) please take steps to compress your videos. Uncompressed videos will take longer to upload and will not be better quality than a modern MPEG-4 codec
    b) we can only accept movies created as MPGs, WMVs, or with the following AVI codecs: MPEG-4 (Divx, Xvid, WMVs)
    c) Apple Quicktime formats such as MOV, QT, MP4, or DV files are NOT supported in Windows PowerPoint

Guidelines for poster presenters

Posters should be constructed in portrait layout to a maximum size of 85 cm (width) x 120 cm (height); the optimal size is A0 (A0 prints measure is 841mm x 1189mm).
To enable delegates to easily read the information the lettering should be a minimum of 1 cm high.

The posters have to be printed for display on a poster board.

Posters should be on display throughout the Congress i.e.
Group of Poster Session 1: from 09.00 hours to 18.00 hours on Wednesday 19th September.
Poster Session 1: 13:30-14:15
Session Nos 1-8:

Group of Poster Session 2: from 09.00 hours to 18.00 hours on Thursday 20th September.
Poster Session 2: 13:30-14:15
Session Nos 11-19:

Group of Poster Session 3: from 09.00 hours to 15.00 hours on Friday 21st September.
Poster Session 3: 13:30-14:00
Session Nos 20-31 and the late abstracts

All posters will be numbered, listed and grouped in accordance with the Congress topics. Authors must be available to present and discuss their poster during the session.

The poster area opens for poster presenters on Wednesday 19th September at 08:00. Assistants will be available on site to provide you with the material needed to attach your poster to its stand. Please take notice of your abstract number and poster board before hanging up your poster.

Posters should be constructed in the format which will be announced later. To enable delegates to easily read the information the lettering should be a minimum of 1 cm high.

(The 3rd Congress of Polish Biosciences "BIO 2018 - Through interdisciplinary approach into new solutions” and 51st Meeting of the Polish Biochemical Society Gdańsk (Poland), 18-21 September 2018) - zadanie finansowane w ramach umowy 504/P-DUN/2018 ze środków Ministra Nauki i Szkolnictwa Wyższego przeznaczonych na działalność upowszechniającą naukę.